A Soul unfurled

Mind wandering, pulled moment to moment, here to there, without order or reason. Reality tries to assert itself but is bowled over by the torrent of ideas. What if? I have an idea and I must pursue it until my legs are weak and I collapse, bereft of breath… but wait what’s that? What if? This is in complete contrast, not connected but totally misdirecting my mind. Now I run the other way, energy exerted on the broken story, left on the floor to gather dust, while this new thought, so new, so shiny it will blot out the sun. Now the shadows come. In the darkness my thought faded, it was not yet made and now it never will be, but I left a part of my mind behind, never to be returned. Will it die, alone without my head to call its home? Perhaps it, unlike me can rest. Where was I? Ah yes… the man on the bus, the homeless guy, always asking why, no the warrior, the quiet one, so meek, so shy… where was I? Oh yes the future where the world is light and everything beyond denied, no the other one the world in ruin, the monsters come to devour it all, the fall of man while the cities rise into the sky… but why? What’s the motive? Does he live or die and will the reader wonder why? It’s late. How many words did I write? Were they bad or were they great? Does it matter now, as a thousand thoughts are lost in an infinite sea, never to be seen or read or known beyond my mind, outside of me…. stop… breathe, take a moment here and revel in the peace, take relief in knowing now that every thought you thought was best is sleeping and has come to rest… so sleep and let your mind shut down, wipe away the thoughts and fears, renew yourself to wake refreshed… but wait… what is that? The shadowed shapes behind the door, what could that be if fully formed, crafted from a dark unknown and grafted to a world I’ve sown… let us sink into a dream of sorts, a writers mind, fractured, muddled, all befuddled by the slivers of a half formed thought, imagined as a last resort then inked into reality. There it is. A story told. My head. My mind. My heart and world, left in fear to hear with dread to read, my own, my all, my soul unfurled.


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