How do we comprehend what God has done?

How do we seek the one above?

How do we come to understand His ways?

The way He came, the love He gave?

We don’t.

We instead deny, we rely on ourselves

We ignore the truth, and instead we delve

Into the darkness of our own hearts

We have the nerve to ignore the one

Who created us, and set us apart

We try to rely on a wisdom flawed

We applaud depravity,

We let it pull us down like gravity

Allowing the weight to weigh us down

Until there is no way out

We kick and scream, we yell and shout

But without Him, to lift us up, to take our sin

And lift our doubt, there is no light

There is no fight, just a stubborn heart,

Refusing help just to spite… who, ourselves?

Now, I understand the confusion, the illusion is complete

No room for God, when all your life is filled with defeat

Masquerading as success, more money, but still depressed

More freedom to do what you want, but you still choose

To be chained, to spend what remains, of your days

Away from the Father that made you, you languish

In Anguish, seeking to fulfill a life that can’t be filled

With any of the drugs, drinks, lust or pills,

social media, or films, that make us all feel inferior

I wish I could make it clearer, but He is the way

It’s ok, I know what you’re gonna say,

5,000 Gods, why is yours real?

I know the drill, I’ve been there too, I know how it feels

But Jesus IS different, when He died on the Hill,

When He bled for me, He bled for you too,

And that’s not a myth, its historical, not just a tale,

Not allegorical, but logical truth

I can’t win you over, if you won’t let go of the lies,

But please don’t despise me, for wanting you free,

Don’t hate me, or put me in that category,

Of another Church freak, who hates and despises,

Deciding who deserves love, freedom and charity

I see the disparity, I know Christians worse than you,

That hold onto the label, but aren’t even able

To give grace to those, who don’t look like them,

We are all Sinners, none worse than me,

But daily I seek Him, I look for Jesus,

It is Jesus who free’s us, to be who we are

And the best part is, you don’t need to look far

Jesus is in you, Jesus releases, He redeems us and feeds us

He teaches the truth, if we open our eyes, and forget the lies

Ignore the ignorant Christian, those who spew hate

Who fail to relate to the world, the hurt, and the lost, the people

Who sin, who need a savior no matter the cost,

The Truth is, we’re all hurt, we’ve been lied to, we’re hiding

Too afraid to let Him in, but you know what?

He knows, He sees, He loves you, He loves me,

He wants you to be free, and to find you, He’ll use me.


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