I am a writer, an instrument in God’s hands

I am a writer

I am a Christian

I wasn’t always a Christian, it happened about six years ago. The impact on my life has been amazing, and I will dig into that more deeply in another post. What I want to write about here is the impact on my writing.

Before I wrote for myself. It was dark and often depressing stuff, sort of an outlet to get the worst of it out of me. That isn’t a bad reason to write, but it is no longer enough.

Now I want to write for Him. I want to write so that I can express to the world that something has changed inside. I want to write and tell the world that there is hope, even for a broken, hopeless man. I want to tell you that healing does exist, but not if we try to live life alone.

I started writing devotionals, which is a good and positive outlet, but I also want God present in my stories. I want to show His presence in all I do. I don’t think every story I write should be all about Jesus but I feel like something of His gospel should still come through. I feel like I want Him to be proud of what I put out into the world.

Now I don’t write just for me. Now I am content to be an instrument. I am driven to write of hope rather than despair.

I am a writer. I am an instrument in God’s hands.


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