Choose God

This morning, after a hectic rush to get the kids ready, fed and on the bus, I was reminding myself to choose joy. I quite often forget this, and instead let the worries of the day pile up. This typically leads to frustration and often depression.
As I reminded myself to choose joy, a number of other things popped into my head; choose peace, choose love, patience and forgiveness. They were all great reminders, but it was a lot to wrap my head around. How do you focus on so many different feelings and attitudes at one time? Then I realized, it was easier just to choose one thing that encompassed all of it. The realization seemed so obvious it made me feel quite dumb. I should choose God, who is all those things and many more. If I choose God, every day, every moment, all the rest will follow.
That doesn’t mean I will never feel down, or that I will never have a bad day. But, if I choose God, in good times and in bad, if I make that a daily habit, then joy, peace, love, patience and so much more, will be a product of that choice. Don’t choose happiness. Don’t choose peace or love or patience. Don’t choose the creation, choose the Creator.


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