When did it become…

When did it become so uncool, just to be nice?

When did we realize that helping others didn’t feel right?

When did society decide to demonize – the Christian faith, and determine to dictate – what we can and can’t say?

How did it come to be, that the we as a community, deemed it wrong, to show love, and help the lost to belong

How long has it been against the law – to stand up – against the decline of morality,  and say – no more

Why are we so blind that it’s now bad, for us to remind – our own kids – that Jesus died; for our sin, that His will – for our life, is to love Him, and to be filled?

I try to understand, but the direction we’re going in is bad news and I am truly confused – when we make rules, that make no sense, that go against – the interests of God and the people, rules that essentially promote evil – while tearing us down, like we’re messed up – for living our lives under the steeple.

But then what do we do? Do we bear good fruit ? Do we stand up? Do we spread truth?

Do we share grace, and embrace, those not the same, or when we face, the emptiness, the lost among us, and the loneliest, the hungriest, the homeless, the haters and the atheist – the very people that Jesus made equal – when he gave Himself, then came back for the sequel.

Did we miss that? Did we miss him, when He told us, that we all sin? Do we feel, that we know, that we got this, and don’t need Him, to grow.

I think we missed it – and we miss Him every day – and so we fall short, but we can start, we can change our ways, we can all make a difference and we can be saved, despite our resistance.

But if you and I are truly Christian’s, then this life is our mission – there is no division – the decision is made, we should love all our brothers, no matter the color, the race or the faith,  whether you’re straight, or whether you’re gay – there is no debate, you’re a part of humanity, design just like I am, and so you’re part of me.

So refuse the lie and deny the ideas that try to divide us, unite as humans to keep back the tide, love all and stay strong and show a world that hates us, that we all get it wrong, we all fail the test, we get angry and restless – we blame others – for our own imperfections – we fail you and we fail God – when we fail each day, to shine through.

But we’re still here and we’re in Him – we still stumble – we still sin – if I said we are greater, I’d be lying, but we are trying – to act better. So keep His word, to the red and the black letter, put Him first, stop spreading hate, portrayed as His truth, take His love – and let it flow through you – because, believe it or not – believer in Christ or just one who forgot – loving each other is not a sin, and it’s not about sides, we can break down the divides – and bring peace within.

So next time you feel your heart-rate, rise, feel the hate coming, or the need to despise… Instead listen, remember, we’re all forgiven, what was it that Christ said, as He gave His life, and His hands ran red, they know not what they do, while He was crucified, He still spoke grace, He still spilled truth, so why can’t you?


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