This is selfishness, that I confess, contested by my heart’s unrest… My needs insist, yet all the while He calls to me, but in my haste, His word I miss… This world is wrapped, around my soul, His promise comes, to make me whole, but my eyes turn to different goals… I pray that while my torn heart knows, He might lift it, to heal and grow… transform this fragile form I own, to one instead eternal owned, by He who speaks and calls to me, to come, to serve, the one who seeks… the one who has since birth been mine, and all the years now past behind, has had His plan for me refined, so please, I call my father’s name, remind my soul you love it still, so worthy by your word and will, I shall never fade away, but walk your path, your love instilled, immune to death, to hate and lies and all that you, my Heart despise, remind me Abba, we are one, my faith in you, our fate, entwines.


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