Here for You

I am not here for me, I’m here for you.

This thought ran through my mind, like a whisper, no place to hide.
But is it true? Can I truly serve you? Can you and I be one… my heart, with God…
What if all I’ve ever known, is to be alone, to walk the world, in utter dark, my heart afraid, my soul apart.
What if darkness came, and claimed to be my everything, told me lies, then left me here, tormented, in my wondering.
What if I never knew, which way to go, to find my heart, and find my soul, never knew, through serving Him, I could be whole. Or that by casting off my demons shroud, His love would come and cast it out. Could that be what life’s about?
In serving Him, I lose my doubt, I change, transform and I become… A new creation, as His will is done, my life raised up, my Father’s plan, to save this lost and broken man, to give His son, for my life won, to show me grace, through what? My faith? Regardless of my sex or race.
I stand here humbled by His love, embracing all from high above. He is here through all, in all I am, when I fall or when I stand, and no matter what hell, I’ve been through, He has nothing left to prove… And so again that whisper calls, falling through my fractured mind, it speaks to me, serves to remind, no matter what in life I do, no longer am I here for me, I’m here to serve, I’m here for you…


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