Look upon the world…

Look upon the world, not with idle abandon, but with a heart that bleeds for every sighing soul. Look upon the world with open eyes that recognize, the fragile hope that defies death, that hangs on each and every breath.
Do not despair, or turn away, while children cry and brothers die, while lost sons wander, seeking Him.
But put upon your shoulders clothes of kindness, gather all compassion, sightless, to their sins or deeds they do to you.
Forgive them, as they know not, what it is they do to you.
Their world is dark, their hearts apart, in fear and selfishness they dwell.
But you… clad in grace, imbued with light, though broken still, can show His love, impart His will, displaying to this world, the way, the heart, the sight, the grace, through which, we were saved.


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