Why I don’t Blog

So, I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. I do that about a lot of things. If I could get fit thinking about going to the gym, you have no idea how buff I would be right now. I guess the reason I haven’t ever blogged before, is the effort it takes to consistently produce content, and the fear that goes along with putting content out there, for the world to judge.

I have been working hard on making some changes in my life, and leaving the old, apathetic, lazy and depressed me behind. One of the main things I decide, just today in fact, was that I am going to live my life with intent. So, instead of opening up my laptop (well, Chromebook) and staring at this WordPress account  I set up weeks ago, I decided to write something.

My intention is to use this blog for fiction, primarily, but I am not yet ready to throw any of my babies out to the world, so I thought I would start with this.

If you got this far and are wondering if it will get better, don’t hold your breath. Right now I am just rambling, and exercising my new found discipline and motivation, in the hopes that through practice, it will flourish into more. I do have stories to post, but they are rough and ragged, in need of a tough edit and a sharp talking to. As soon as they are ready, I will start posting them on here, I promise.

There, I did it. Now when my Wife and maybe my Mother, read this, I can say, see, I really did it. For anyone else who happens to have made it this far, hang tight, I will have some fiction on the way. If you are not reading this, then please keep your opinions to yourself.

How do you end a blog post? It seems rude just to stop, but the formality of sincerely or regards would be a little, well, formal. So I guess I will end as I began, in silence…


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